Volunteer Marine Rescue Hervey Bay
Firstly I must say thank you again for the opportunity you have given to VMRHB to be able to use
what we [ skippers & crew] find to be an excellent product both in holding power and lightness for
Our vessel consist of; Noosacat 7.2 metres and a Noosacat 8.3 metres
The Cooper Anchors on both vessels are primarily used on beach landings where we perform medivacs/body retrievals in all weather conditions.
In the area off Round Island it is notorious for not being able to hold bottom but with your anchors it was not a problem.
Recently we were called to a 52ft motor cruiser in dire straights off Moon Banks , he had tried to follow a whalewatch boat through to Moon Pt
problem was his draft was 2metres and the whale boat only drew .9 of a metre,the ensuing damage was cruiser tore prop & shaft out ?& pushed the rudder through the hull.
We refloated the vessel and held him into 25-35 knot winds with our 8.3 metre noosacat with just our bow anchor whilst repairs were carried out this was done over a two day period.
The crews on both our vessels were very impressed.
I would personally endorse the use of Cooper anchors to anyone who owns a boat whether large or small.
Tom Hudson
Volunteer Marine Rescue
Hervey Bay

A Cooper Anchor in an assurance of safe anchoring. In 12 years of operating Hervey Bay Houseboat Hire I have never before encountered an anchor as effective. The anchor has proven itself in extreme conditions and situations.

The Cooper Anchor holds fast our 14 ton house boat in the mouth of the Mary River with a 4 metre outgoing tide moving between 4 and 6 knots. Because of their design, houseboats are greatly affected by wind which can cause the anchors to drag. Out in the Great Sandy Straits in a 25 knot northerly wind the cooper anchor has proven itself highly effective. Once dropped the anchor grabs early and buries.

Yet I have never had any problems with raising the anchor. Knowing my customers can relax in safely anchored houseboats means peace of mind for me. My tender boats are now also equipped with Cooper Anchors. The Cooper Anchor has my highest recommendation. It is the best anchor I have ever used.

Wayne Parker
Hervey Bay Houseboat Hire

Our Company has been in the trawl industry since 1984. We have a fleet of 6 steel prawn trawlers. All our vessels are 20m long with a gross tonnage of approx. 100 tonnes. Our vessels work in an area of the QLD east coast trawl fishery known as the deep water king prawn fishery, approximately 100nm off the coast in depths ranging from 120m to 320m.
We trialed a 38kg steel Cooper anchor with 100ft of 10mm chain and 2 to 4 coils (125m length) of 24mm silver rope as a deep water anchor on one of our vessels, the Joseph M. We used this gear to anchor in the areas we work in depths from 120m to 320m. The feedback from the 3 skippers who used the anchor over 4 months was that the Cooper Anchor performed very well across a variety of seafloor types (very soft mud to hard flat bottoms) in weather up to 25-30 knots and a 3m+ swell.
Stephen Murphy
Murphy Operator Pty Ltd
Ocean King Prawns


I just had to let your company know how impressed I am with the 3.5 kg anchor I purchased . We are using down at Bremer Bay in the south of W.A , always had problems with anchors dragging .But with your anchor not once has it moved despite some very gusty winds . I am VERY IMPRESSED , and will tell as many boat owners I know.

Thank you
Phil Rollings

Thanks larry i’m in Warragul victoria so all is well here, what can i say im absolutely wrapped with the anchor i purchased one last year for my jet ski, like others i have tried squid type fold out anchors, sandbag anchors and none would hold my ski in knee deep water where there was tide movement or slight winds. Your anchor performs faultlessly in all situations no rope used, i simply love it and haven’t stopped promoting it since using it. I advertised your link on some jet ski forums and sites i belong too and personally know many people went and purchased from you because of my links and they all come back saying the same as me. I even purchased another last week for a mate. And another purchased his own on Friday night after showing him your video.

Cheers Corey Goodman
My husband, Peter has used the anchor on his tinny, and was very happy with how it worked for him – being much easier than his previous anchor (which he has now given away) and also worked really well in a fairly testing windy situation. His only frustration now, is that there is a hole in the petrol tank.

Thanks Heather

I love the anchor! I got the little pink one for my Jetski. I dive and spearfish off a sea-doo and each time I set the anchor, my dive buddy comments about its colour. It’s fondly called the ( Censored). But jokes aside, although I was hesitant, it’s proved itself and in fact I’ve given you a number of referrals.
I typically dive over reef or sand in some pretty rough water and it’s holding ability is impressive. Especially sand where I anchored in a +1m swell and it only slipped 1m in the sand, that would have been while setting itself.
The benefit of it is that it hasn’t damaged the inner lining of my ski at all – I use 2m of chain and give plenty of rope – the ski would weigh about 350kgs – it’s impressive.
I’ve noticed that the reef is taking some chunks off it and deep scratched, but as long as the shaft holds out, I expect it will keep going on for a long time.
I wish I had one for my old inflatable- and I think you’ve won me as a customer for life……

Cheers Max Tennant.

My husband and I are avid fishers and love getting out whenever we can. On one of our fishing trips, the anchor detached (loose U bolt) and my husband replaced it with a much larger, heavier anchor, guaranteed to hold whatever the conditions!
I found this anchor to be almost impossible to pull up as it was just too heavy (especially if it was weighed with mud) and, despite the guarantee, it did come loose, especially with swell.
After some moaning on my part (justified I feel!), my husband bought one of your anchors and we both love it! I love it because it’s lightweight, manageable and hasn’t yet come loose (and we don’t see that ever happening). He loves it, not only because of those reasons but also because he doesn’t have to put up with my complaints.
Thanks Larry! You’ve saved my back and guaranteed happy fishing!
Joan Byrne, Brisbane QLD,

I got a 1kg pink Coopers Anchor from the Sunshine Coast Viking Factory Store when i purchased my new Viking Tempo, and I would like to say that the anchor is a FANTASTIC product, well engineered and thought out. My custom stainless reef anchor is now obsolete!
Well done!!!
Andrew. S, Sunshine coast QLD,

We bought one of the first anchors, year’s ago at the Bne Boat Show. We use the 3.5kg anchor on a Cruisecraft Explorer 575 (a heavy boat), as the rear anchor. (The boat already had another anchor on it, with a Stress Free anchor winch). Your anchor has great holding power, in all conditions. It is wonderful to use, as there is no pinching of our fingers, like the old danforth anchors. It’s also easy to store and lightweight. We haven’t had it drag on us yet. We use it extensively in the Jumpinpin area and Moreton Bay (Peel Island overnighting).
We can highly recommend the Cooper anchor, with it’s innovative design and good value price.
All the best,
Albert and Sally Jones, Goldcoast QLD

Awsome product guys! Finally got to put my new anchor in a 6.5 knot tidal run out at lake macquarie with not one inch of movement from my 4.5m boat. I had almost convinced myself that 2.3kg worth of aluminium wouldn’t do the job! I was blown away on how great this little champ works!
Adam Formby, Newcastle NSW,

It the best anchor I have ever used light to throw and easy to retrieve makes light work of things

Thanks again for the help

C Worthington Seven Hills NSW.

Well, what can I say other than the anchor is fantastic. It holds better than anything I’ve tried before with no worry of the boat moving (a relief for the wife!).

As a scuba diver, I anchored it in about 15m of water and let out the appropriate amount of anchor line, went down with it being rough on the surface and me and my mates watched to see how it held under water.

It was very surprising and pleasing to see just how much hold the anchor had in the sand. Even when I put it in the sand by hand when we moor up close to shore at the Jumpin Pin there is no worries about it not holding. I have a 3.5kg size anchor for a 6.5m boat and it’s enough.
It’s fantastic, you have made a great product and I’m spreading the word!

All the best
Mick scharf, Gold Coast QLD

the anchor works great, it hooks up very quickly and we have sat at anchor overnight on several trips with no problems, this size anchor suits my boat (4.74m, 2.3Kg anchor).
Sergio Cusin, Townsville QLD

Yes I have had the chance to use the new anchor on a number of occasions and extended trips. Overall, I am very happy with the anchors ability to grab on a variety of seabed conditions.

The only issues I have had were getting a good, fast hold on very firm flat ground and on gravel. On these surfaces, I generally had to make several attempts to line up to position the boat exactly where I wanted it as the anchor took quite some time to find its mark. Over sand and mud, the anchor performs flawlessly, and considering this comprises much of the bottom type fished in and around the Darwin area, it suits my needs very well. To that end, I have already recommended these anchors to a number of people.

Kind regards,
Scott Helbig, Darwin NT

I have 3 boats ( 3.1m etsuary, 4.95m inshore, 6.3m offshore ) and they now ALL have Cooper anchors – in my view there is, for price, weight, stowage and all ground holding NOTHING BETTER.
I show everyone……………

Tested the 2.3kg anchor against a similar sized (borrowed ) SARCA anchor (size 2 )in Wagonga Inlet on a fast outgoing tide and sand bottom last weekend = same holding but Cooper MUCH easier to retrieve and stow …. AND …..a HUGE price difference.

Aidan Lawrence Western creek ACT

Hello Jon,
Very happy with the anchor. Size is perfect for the boat. I have used it at Western Port a couple of times and holds in the strong current every time. Port Philip no problems.
Actual physical size is also great as it takes up very little space.
Would recommend it to anyone. Great product, does exactly as promoted.
Rick Stevens, Essendon, VIC.

Gents, I purchased one of your anchors and with great results.
Not only can I use it in a sandy base but also around reef ground once I attach to the bottom and use a cable tie. Fantastic Anchor, I feel easy now when I go to sleep on the beach and not seeing my boat next to me the next day These Anchors are fantastic and do not move once they are deployed

Cheers Ron Chell, Wickham, WA

G’day Larry, sorry it took so long to get back to you. The anchor 2.3kg
is great, have only used it a few times but it has worked beautifully, even through a change of tide in Westernport bay, the boat did a 180 turn after the tide change and no hint of dragging at all. To top it off it is just great having a lighter anchor both when its time to pull up and move and also when setting the anchor.

A great product and Ill be recommending them to people.
Thanks again…Rob

I have since that reply used the anchor again a couple more times, I took two blokes out with me in the boat today in fact and they were also extremely impressed with the anchor and will want to buy one from you as well

Thanks again……..Rob – Red Hill Sth Victoria

A friend convinced me to try a Cooper Anchor but at 2.3kg I wasn’t convinced that such a small anchor would hold my 5.8m Signature, 175 Suzuki. I fish the waters of the Great Sandy Straights (Hervey Bay) from the top of Fraser out to the near reefs and like a lot of boaties I rely on a good anchor when conditions turn unfriendly. It has freed up space in my anchor well and has made shifting from one fishing spot to another far less of a chore in the deeper waters. My teenage sons and I used to argue who’s turn it was to raise the anchor when fishing in 30m+ but now the exercise is easy and setting the anchor is first go on all but a few occasions.
The anchor is truly impressive.

David- Hervey Bay, QLD

G’day Larry,
I have been boating for 30 years and its been very difficult to find a anchor to do the job, especially anchoring in the sand and that anchor of yours is bloody fantastic. It holds like u wouldn’t believe.

Thanks a lot cobber.
Regards, Wayne  Dapto, NSW

Hi I have used the anchor on sand & reef attaching the anchor to the front of the anchor & zippy ties to the back of anchor for easy retrieval & it has worked fine , I do find that I need to put 2 or more ties on when in shallow water if its a bit choppy. I love the aesthetics of the anchor as well it looks neat attached to nose of boat with a split pin. It is sufficient for my 4.8 polycraft & 4 people who have seen it have asked me where I purchased it from.

Cheers Wayne Connell  Gympie, QLD

Hi Jon Barry here, Thanks for your follow up, I am very happy with the anchor and the size. It seems to be working well for such a small anchor, and I am very happy to recommend the anchor to any one. My wife finds it easy to handle in the tinnie, and weeds and mud wash off easily.

Thanks once again Barry and Thelma .

Won Wron, Victoria

I have used your anchor, and it certainly seems to set and hold the boat without difficulty. The size seems fine, as it has not let go at all. It is fairly easy to pull in once set as well. I have recommended it to a friend already.

Regards Alan – Wellington Point, QLD

Anchor works very well, size is light and suitable for my 3.8m kayak. Didn’t need any chain just a length of rope and the anchor holds me in place up to 5m depth so far.

Thanks, Adam  Flinders, NSW

It worked exceptionally well, holding my inflatable steady in a 5knot tide (Westernport Bay). Easy to retrieve and nice and light.

Cheers Russell Canegie, VIC

I thought you would like to know that I tried the 2.3kg anchor with 3 metres of light chain on the sand bottom of the Narooma / Wagonga tight inlet channel in a 4.95m Alleycraft Saltwater ( ~ 800kg ) on an outgoing tide running @ 6- 8 knots ….. and the anchor held without difficulty.
So the anchor is pretty, simple ( no moving bits ), easy to deploy and retrieve….. and it works!

Which is why I bought a second one …..
Thanks again
Aidan Lawrence – Weston Creek ACT

The Cooper Anchor I am using on my 4.75m Quintrex FreedomSport is great. Not only is it so light that my 8 year old can now be my decky, it holds the boat really well when fishing in a strong running tide. Whether in sand, gravel or reef, it has no trouble whatsoever.

And retrieval is no problem either.My 8 year old really appreciates the anchor too !!! Thanks for a great anchor.

Wade Lineburg – Hervey Bay, QLD