Cooper Anchors nylon and aluminium range are light weight, durable and suitable for all PWC, Kayaks, Canoes, Tinnies, Tenders, Inflatable and Polly boats, for exploring, diving, sailing, or fishing. Over the past few years Cooper Anchor have sold over 16,000 anchors, through more than 400 stores Australia wide. Warehousing our anchors in the UK and USA is now making our exports to the rest of the World faster and cheaper. The majority of these sales are from word of mouth, because Cooper Anchors really do work.

Small: 230g
Small Red Anchor
Kayaks & Canoes
Med: 1 kg
Blue Anchor
Jet Skis & boats to 3.5m
Large: 1.5kg
Black Anchor
Boats to 5m
3.6kg Aluminium
Grey Anchor
Boats to 6.5m

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The Nylon Cooper Anchor
sets quickly and continues
to move into the sea bed, deeper
than most, if not all other anchors.

  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
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